wedding // 6 reasons for bridal showers.

September 15, 2014 in wedding.

I wasn’t sold on the idea of bridal showers. I understood the purpose. but was never much for the games. or sitting in front of the crowd opening gifts for hours. after being a bride + having two thrown for me, I have a completely different perspective.

6 reasons you need to have a bridal shower.

 1] you feel an overwhelming amount of love // both from the people who spent the time + money to plan your shower and those who took the time to be there with you.

2] all of your favorite people are in one place // you just want to take a time-out for a gigantic group hug. but don’t. or do, it’s up to you.

3] it’s a part of the wedding you just get to show up & enjoy // you don’t have to send out the invites, or stress about the planning + execution. you just arrive. it’s amazing!

4] you get to see your new last name up in lights // I don’t know about you, but I tend to get so caught up in the itty bitty details of the wedding, that sometimes I forget after all of this is said + done, I will be mrs. [J]. I love seeing it.

5] scrumptious food + cocktails // no explanation needed.

6] it’s often times the last hoorah before the wedding // as we hugged our friends + family goodbye at our last shower, we said “see you at the wedding”. we knew after that, we were ARE in the homestretch.

did I mention the overwhelming amount of love?

wedding // 6 reasons for bridal showers c/o

wedding // 6 reasons for bridal showers c/o

wedding // 6 reasons for bridal showers c/o   wedding // 6 reasons for bridal showers c/o

wedding // 6 reasons for bridal showers c/o

wedding // 6 reasons for bridal showers c/o

wedding // 6 reasons for bridal showers c/o

wedding // 6 reasons for bridal showers c/o

wedding // 6 reasons for bridal showers c/o

now it’s only ..

27 days til “I do”.

we are in full-blown crunch time now. this is when a procrastinator thrives.

happy monday all.

wedding // bridal shower basket.

September 11, 2014 in wedding.

if there is one thing I’ve learned through the wedding planning process, it’s that planning a party is no easy task. once you have the large decisions made, there are never-ending details to attack.

as a soon-to-be bride, I have an unbelievable amount of love + support surrounding me. people who are willing to do so much to ensure I get the full “bridal experience”. it’s incredible. and truly eye-opening at just how lucky I am.

so I wanted to say thank you to those amazing people who hosted both of my bridal showers. and what better way than a sweet “party is over! now it’s time for you to relax” basket.

wedding // bridal shower basket c/o

the contents: aloe-infused slippers. / ‘thanks a windmillion’ nail polish. / champagne. / mason jar wine glass [that [J] made]. / chocolate. / bath soap.

in addition to the basket, [J] designed the greatest card to go along with it. [it'll be posted on LLinaBC's facebook page later today. it's a must see].

I made three of these baskets. and do you think I could take the time to photograph them? nope. grrr!

I got the baskets at TJ Maxx. they have a really good selection. so start there.

happy thursday.

pictures from both of my bridal showers coming soon!

fashion // fall spectacle.

September 3, 2014 in fashion & beauty.

do you remember when braces were cool? or was that just me? there was a point in my life [around 6th grade], all of my friends had braces. and gosh dang it, I wanted a pair. Luckily, I didn’t have to wish for them too long. at my very next dentist appointment, I was told I had a 30% overbite [which is nearly nothing & practically normal] but it was recommended I get braces. after one fancy colored rubber band change, I was over them. and two years later, threw a party the day the came off!

my point is, I occasionally suffer from “want what you can’t have” syndrome. a large shout out to warby parker for making swoon-worthy eyeglasses. and their fall collection launches today! [see the full collection here].

while I do not wish for my 20/20 vision to vanish, I cannot help but love how stylish they make corrective lens. thank goodness for their sunglasses. and having a fiance who is on board with me dressing up his face spectacles.

but let’s pretend for a minute.

fashion // fall spectacle c/o

 although I am sad to see the summer go so quickly, I cannot wait to dive into sweater + boot season.

boots // mixed-media sweater // jeggings // warby parker’s annette petal tortoise.

you can virtually try the glasses on!!

happy wednesday.

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