wedding // confession.

October 28, 2014 in wedding.

I feel like a b-word.

let me tell you why ..

see [J] + I had our dream wedding, on october 11th in the dominican republic. it was our dream for more reasons than one. we were on a tropical island. surrounded by 28 of our close family + friends. finally marrying each other. but besides that, we had a wedding planner at the resort. and she was amazing! we picked all decor through photographs before we arrived. and on the day of our wedding, our only concern was if it was going to rain. [and if us girls could get ready before the photographer arrived]. everything else was taken care of.  it was amazing. [I truly cannot say enough great things about the HRPC wedding team].

for our family + friends we did not get to celebrate with in the dominican [and for those who want to party with us again], we are having a wedding reception in my hometown at the end of november. I am very, very excited. not only for another chance to celebrate our marriage [and to wear my dress again], but to be with + surrounded by the people we love.

and I feel like a massive b-word, because planning a wedding is no easy task. let alone planning two. and I may have been spoiled by our destination wedding, but we still put in a lot of man hours. so instead of picking decor from photographs, we’re building our hometown wedding reception from scratch. [except for the tables]. it’s so daunting. and as my mom said, [J] + I are perfectionists. which isn’t necessarily true, but if we’re going to do this ..we’re going to really do it.

 it’s just stressful.

we had a site visit last saturday, and it went great. we got a ton accomplished. then we went to lunch & created a list of items we need. the list was practically never-ending. we got to sample cupcake flavors. on sunday, we met my grandparents for coffee. [J] + my grandpa created a mock up of the centerpieces we’re constructing.

llinabc wedding

at the end of the day, I know this is going to be amazing. and we’ll make it our dream second reception.

happy tuesday.

life // where did fall go?

October 22, 2014 in LLinaBC

fall is by far my favorite season.

the weather although unpredictable in iowa, the gorgeous scenery [or better the changing of the leaves], the warm comfort food, the pumpkin frenzy, and the start of holidays.

I am a sucker for the pretty leaves, pumpkin beer, a scrumptious pot of soup on the stove, a fall scented candle, and a good ol’ fashion pumpkin carving contest.

so excuse me a moment while I wipe my tears. I woke up today in realization, october is practically a distant memory. I have 8 days to make fall bucket list magic. we have been so wedding-focused, I may have forgotten it’s my favorite time of year.

while the wedding is over and we should technically have plenty of time to embrace fall, we have another portion of our wedding to plan. our [in the united states] reception. just over a month away.

just as soon as we put our swimsuits away from our trip ..

LLinaBC gets Hitched

LLinaBC gets Hitched

[wedding photos by HDC photography].

happy thursday.

wedding // welcome bags.

October 21, 2014 in wedding.

there was no question in our minds, we would be putting together welcome bags for all of our guests. but we did have two questions. what would we put in said bags? and how the heck would we get them to the dominican republic?

the answer to the first question came to us slowly over the course of six months. our guest bedroom became more wedding headquarters and less bedroom. it’s still not put together. we began gathering items. they fit into two categories: survival kit or fun. in our survival kit, we included: chapstick, alcohol prep pads, bandages, emergen-c, tylenol, breathe mints, tums, and tissues. for fun, we included: custom koozies, custom stadium cups [with straws + lids], door hangers, and a welcome packet.

our full intention was to find plain tote bags and have them printed with a design [J] created. but we lucked out. as my mom + I were innocently shopping one day, we spotted totes at forever 21, wearing the phrase “♥ is all you need”. [they didn't have our exact amount in that design, so we found "love" & boat anchors too]. to personalize the totes, we had them printed on the back side with our names & wedding date.

wedding // welcome bags c/o

wedding // welcome bags c/o

wedding // welcome bags c/o

wedding // welcome bags c/o

wedding // welcome bags c/o

wedding // welcome bags c/o

wedding // welcome bags c/o

we used an entire suitcase to transport our welcome bag goodies [and our other personalized wedding decor] to the dominican republic. it weighed 48.5lbs. we considered that a win. until we arrived at our destination, and our bag did not. it took all of me to resist transforming into bridezilla or bursting into tears mere moments after arriving in paradise. all was right with the world again when it arrived the next evening. thank you chicago for not holding our bag hostage for too long.

I would highly recommend welcome bags to any brides having destination weddings. 

our top items were easily the emergen-c, koozies [for the fully stocked beer fridge in the rooms], our welcome packet, and the bag itself.

wedding // welcome bags c/o

if nothing else, it provides a fun wedding souvenir for everyone to take back home.

happy tuesday.

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