15 tips from the Grammy's. // LLinaBC.com

15 tips from the grammy’s.

15 tips from the Grammy's // LLinaBC.com

{photos above courtesy of grammy.com}

1 // wear metallic, red, & velvet.

2 // if attention is what you seek, a hat is what you need. well done Pharrell.

3 // if you wake up with a facial blemish, rock a space helmet. Daft Punk brought it back. and made it cool.

4 // thank you speeches are overrated. silence is golden. [refer to above: Daft Punk].

5 // Sara Bareilles is my hero. she’s so inspirational. and her performance with Carole King was amazing. goose bump worthy.

6 // also goose bump worthy: Imagine Dragons & Kendrick Lamar. they had signed up for a color run but then found out the Grammy’s were on the same day. So they brought the color dust to their performance. It worked.

7 // Madonna wore a grill, on her teeth and wasn’t seen without a cane. I couldn’t stop thinking “pimp” & singing “call me George Foreman cuz I’m selling everybody grillz”. thank you Nelly.

8 // Lorde was the big winner. and she deserves it. but lady stand tall. #NoSlouchNecessary.

9 // John Legend is the narrator of my dreams.

10 // Pink’s circus-inspired performance was amazing. and she was so graceful hanging from the ceiling. but I couldn’t help but think ..does she have a live-in bikini waxer?

11 // Ringo Starr & Paul McCartney sang together. it made my heart smile. wish they would’ve belted out a beatles tune.

12 // Yoko Ono had too much spotlight. I’m salty towards her. she broke up the beatles.

13 // Yoko Ono’s dance moves make Taylor Swift’s look genius. #dancingpeacesigns.

14 // Jay Z and Beyoncé performed together. then america awed in unison.

15 // until Macklemore & Ryan Lewis sang “Same Love,” and 33 couples were married by Queen Latifah. beautiful.


what tips did you take from the Grammy’s last night?

I had so much fun live tweeting throughout the Grammy’s, from the red carpet to the final performance. I just may do the same during the Super Bowl on Sunday. and all of you should join me.

happy monday!

10 thoughts on “15 tips from the grammy’s.”

  1. The comment about Pink having a live-in bikini waxer! LOL! I only watched a few minutes of Beyonce and Jay-Z’s opening number, but was impressed! And of course, I’ve seen a variety of GIFs showcasing Taylor Swift’s headbanging… What’s up with that?

      1. I can’t hate. She knows how to enjoy herself. if I was ever invited to an award show, I’d want to look like John Legend’s wife, dance carelessly around like Taylor Swift [with MUCH better dance moves, of course], and drink like Beyonce ..because I’m pretty sure she was the only one drinking?

    1. she has to have a live-in bikini waxer, right? if I was in the crowd, I’d blush just looking upwards at her. I was blushing on the couch. And for Taylor Swift, I can’t quite figure it out; last night or now. the song was beautiful, but the headbanging was out of place. [and would be anywhere, at any time]. as for Jay Z & Beyonce – america’s dreams came true. who hasn’t been waiting to see them perform together?

    1. my favorite is the fashion & the performances, and you can just google that!! which means you don’t have to sit through any commercials. huge bonus. or be up until 11PM+, because I prefer an earlier bedtime. hence why I’m on cup of coffee #4 today.

  2. I didn’t get to watch because the three hockey players in my apartment wanted to play NHL live, go figure. Great recap though, you’re making me jealous that I missed it!

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