39 days.

Dear college graduation you’re only 39 days away.

… & my NYC move is 53 days away. AHHH :)

Which means …the moving process has begun! ugh!

goodbye dresser. hello clothes that must be organized. grr

I must organize my clothes: “MUST move w/ me” and “CANNOT move w/ me”. I am far from “progress”. And embarrassingly enough, am sleeping with all of those clothes. I don’t want to toss them on the floor? My closet is full of other clothes? And my parents took my dresser? Limited options! Maybe sleeping on a 1/4 of my bed will be some odd incentive for me to GET RID OF STUFF. Then a box or two must be shipped to my soon-to-be-new home, a suitcase packed, and its “go time”. With this move comes a chance to start over. Instead of taking everything I own, I am doing the opposite and only bringing the essentials. Good luck to me! Ha.

Check List to Move:

  • Find subleaser for apartment. DONE :)
  • Buy one-way plane ticket for January 8th. (doing on FRIDAY!!)

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