restaurant etiquette //

5 things not to do at a restaurant.

lately there has been a lot of talk about restaurant etiquette. especially when it comes to tipping. it’s a topic near & dear to my heart, as I’ve worked in restaurants off & on since age 16. as with any job, you work with all kinds of people and learn how crazy some can be. I want to add my 2 5 cents.

restaurant etiquette //

I could honestly write ‘100 things not to do at a restaurant’. but that would be excessive.

why do people order iced tea & a water? isn’t it practically the same thing?

and I can totally respect people that are trying to cut back on calories by special ordering, but then you ask for more bread & butter?

just remember the golden rule people.

treat others how you want to be treated.

end rant post.

have the best thursday.

8 thoughts on “5 things not to do at a restaurant.”

  1. Ya know, the sad thing is all 5 of those things should be common sense, but they’re not. I’ve never personally worked in the service industry, but tons of my friends have and do. I’ve heard plenty of horror stories. These 5 tips are like the least of a server’s problems….but they are the most frequent.

    xo Denise

    1. I could not agree more. the least of their problems, but the most frequent. it’s crazy they even have to be mentioned. but oh yes, there are much MUCH worse!!!

  2. UGH! I worked in bars/restaurants all thru college. I HATE HATE HATE- when people snap at me. I don’t know if it’s ever happened to you- it’s only happened to me a handful of times. I’m usually a pretty calm person, but when someone snaps their fingers at me I lose my mind! It takes every ounce of restraint not to go off on them!

    Danielle @ Allusional

    1. oh that has absolutely happened to me. and I agree, I know how to keep calm but that is so, so rude. I try to tell myself that I feel bad for that person. they clearly don’t live a happy life if they believe that’s how you should treat other people. RUDE!!

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