a few of my favorite things.

I’ve essentially been begging for the sun to come out. it’s hard enough to muster up the nerve to climb out of bed in the morning when you know it’s freezing outside, but even more so when it looks like night time all day long. #CoffeeUponCoffee. #Please. so I’ve struggled a bit to find enough light to take some photographs. thankfully, I escaped the office at noon today. the sun wasn’t out, but the dreary clouds were brighter.

“these are a few of my favorite things” – as the sound of music says.

a few of my favorite things c/o LLinaBC.com

speaking of coffee, the husband stumbled upon this starbucks iced coffee in our grocery store. and I’m now the happiest girl in the world. I drink my coffee iced + unsweetened. all of the packaged iced coffee products we’ve seen, up until now, have been pre-mixed with cream + sugar.

a few of my favorite things c/o LLinaBC.com

I braved the holiday crowds + swooped up this adorable hot cocoa sweater by LC lauren conrad.

a few of my favorite things c/o LLinaBC.com

we upgraded our at home coffee routine, with a new keurig 2.0 brewer. and I’ve been on a rampage buying every flavor of kcups. seriously. we love the carafe feature. let’s be honest we drink more than one cup in the morning.

a few of my favorite things c/o LLinaBC.com

I came home yesterday to an early christmas gift from the husband. if I could, I’d wear TOMS every single day. and these have a soft, fuzzy liner ..making them ideal for the colder days.

tonight, we’re going to a local hockey game. I may have been dreading spend the evening in a building filled with ice, but then I saw it was $1 beer night. and my outlook changed. then tomorrow, we’re making the trek to my hometown to spend the almost holidays with my family.

happiest of friday nights + enjoy the weekend. 

see you monday!

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