moving adventures //

back in action.

I want to scream it from the rooftops ..


we FINALLY got internet at our new place last night at 8PM. ugh.

the past week has been filled with take-out meals [because we’d have food at one apartment & kitchen supplies at the other], a lot of moving weight lifting, an excessive amount of cleaning, a nightly alcoholic beverage or two, a dance party based around our cable television being set up, and anxiously awaiting the arrival of our internet modem.

we are happily settled into our new place.

most importantly, I missed all of you + my blog. and I solemnly promise never to disappear for that length of time again. at least not without proper advance notice.

below are the “glamorous moments of moving”.

[otherwise known as: the moments I wasn’t carrying something down three flights of stairs & could snap a photo].

including: my dad & [J] taking a beer + college basketball break, my phillip lim x target tote doubling as a means for carrying lamps, [J] & I completely overjoyed and blurry that our moving truck was finally filled, 25oz of celebratory beer, and a beautiful sunset at our new place.

moving adventures //

you can now expect me fully back in action.

happy tuesday!

and so excited to be back .. :)

20 thoughts on “back in action.”

  1. So glad you got into your new place! Moving can be so annoying! Welcome back!
    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

    1. an insane amount of work, emotional + physical. not to be overly dramatic ;) ..but it is!! it feels soooo great to be done. I was just impatiently awaiting our internet connection, now I can be 110% happy!

    1. so stressful :( ..I know I will move again, but I pray it isn’t in one year body & brain won’t be recovered from this move yet. // thank you denise!!

    1. thank you kasey!!! – I will be showing photos of the new place early next week!!! but I can almost guarantee, the guest bedroom will still look like a storage unit. [it’s a work in progress].

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