bar cart inspiration.

ever since moving into our new place, I have been craving [yes, again] a bar cart. there is nothing more adult/1920’s about ..‘can I pour you a drink?’. 

so [J] & I gathered some inspiration. and began building our cart. [hint: ‘bar cart’ on pinterest leads to an array of ideas].

here are the tops.

bamboo bar cart


bar cart white{source}.

bar car blue glasses


bar cart bamboo


I cannot wait to share our finished cart with you next week.

complete with vodka. lemons. and bottle openers.

[isn’t decorating so much fun?]


6 thoughts on “bar cart inspiration.”

  1. What an awesome idea!! I was totally looking for a place to put our alcohol/wine glasses and this could totally be a solution. Everything else I found was way too big or expensive. I’m off to Pinterest some ideas…

    1. the bar cart I found is perfect for smaller spaces. I was able to make a little “booze nook” in the apartment’s “dining room”. by utilizing the cart, a shelf, and an attachable wine glass holder ..I was able to put everything alcohol-related in one place. and it looks cute [I think]. thank you – xo :)

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