be my bridesmaid //

be my bridesmaid.

wedding wednesday //

a pre-wedding discussion, [J] & I had shortly after our engagement was our wedding party. we initially spoke about not having one. we’ve both been in weddings before, and know it’s not just “yes, I’ll wear a fancy outfit & be there on your big day”. it’s requires a larger commitment; both financially + physically. and we were already asking a lot having our wedding out of the country.

“how about a small one?,” I later asked.

the friends who have been there for us through thick + thin. always. we agreed. and decided two each. and this is how I asked ..

be my bridesmaid //

be my bridesmaid //

custom champagne bottles + flutes and woven bracelets.

be my bridesmaid //

be my bridesmaid //

I even got my own custom champagne flute.

be my bridesmaid //

and our entire wedding party, in whiskey + champagne bottles .. :)

be my bridesmaid //

be my bridesmaid //

my bridesmaids [kristy + courtney] & my fiance.

I feel so blessed to have them both in my life. they’re gems + mean so much to me. I truly thought I’d have to beg them to pack their bags & come to the dominican republic with us. but they both said “yes” without hesitation. throughout our friendships, I’ve always been able to count on them ..and this time is no different.

never mind that they’re the two people in my life I know will tear up the dance floor with me. and make [J] & I’s “special day” even better.

I can’t freakin’ wait.

ps. happy wedding wednesday.


10 thoughts on “be my bridesmaid.”

  1. What a good idea!! I may or may not be a crazy lady who isn’t engaged but has it planned out how I will ask my wedding party, it is very similar :)

    1. awww, that in NO way makes you crazy. I considered several ways to ask before I was engaged too. we can blame pinterest for all of the pre-engagement pretty ideas that tempt us. thank you – xo!

  2. Oh gosh, I love that you’re doing 2…my sister is getting married next fall and I discovered last night that she’s having SEVEN bridesmaids. The best part? She’s trying to do her whole wedding for under $5k yet also thinks she’s going to have 150 guests…unreal.

    1. yikes. I always thought it was crazy the average wedding costs $20,000-ish, but now that I’m planning my own begin to see how things you never thought of add up. and we’re having an intimate wedding, so I wanted to keep my bridal party intimate too. plus because we’re getting married out of the country, I wanted to be able to purchase my bridesmaid dresses ..and I know I can’t buy 7.

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