summer bucket list //

before you know it, it’ll be winter.


where the heck has summer gone?

it feels like it just began. and we’re already somehow in mid-july.

are you making the most of your summer?

it could be said, I am not.

my summer bucket list, thus far ..

summer bucket list //


I may be relying heavily on my two-week excursion to cross off a large chunk of these items.

and I do have plans to attend the iowa state fair when we return.

how is your summer bucket list going?

please say better than mine.

my goal is to have every single item crossed off by september 1st.

who’s with me?!

happy thursday.

[I’ll be busy prepping camping food, packing my suitcase, & purchasing outdoor gear all day. t-minus 3 days].


2 thoughts on “before you know it, it’ll be winter.”

  1. Well shoot, I’ve only crossed two of those things on your list off, and it’s a great list! I clearly have some work to do in the next few months…

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