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book review: he’s gone.

when it comes to books, I’m a sucker for romance & mystery. so when {the thread affect} & I decided on {he’s gone} for our august book club read, I was thrilled. 

a woman wakes up to find her husband is gone. they had a bit too much to drink the night before, and details regarding the evening were fuzzy. days begin to pass. and the endless possibilities of what really happened begin to make themselves known in her mind.

he's gone blogger book club // LLinaBC.com

before reading a word of this book, I had it pegged as a ‘one-night read’. a book I can’t put down until I know the ending. but it wasn’t. I found myself frustrated, almost instantly. the romance I enjoy in books was not there, instead ..adultery, then remorse. it was abusive relationships. and broken families. which I’m not naive, is “real life”. but it was too much. moments have happiness were instantly clouded with regret. and then a disappearance. with so many possible suspects. and the unlikeliest of endings.

I could absolutely adore a book, but if the ending is a dud ..then it’s ruined. 

the ending wasn’t “the worst”. but after the 280 pages of what the heck happened ..I wanted more. so I immediately sent a text to {the thread affect} begging I had gotten a misprint and her version led to a better ending, but it didn’t ..

but hey ..to each their own. you may love it.

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{I’m Proud of You: My Friendship with Fred Rogers} by tim madigan.


and I’ll be posting my usual friday post, the week in photos, tomorrow! so stop by! 

happy friday.


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