business casual //

business casual.

my daily wardrobe has had to make some minor modifications, as of late. [aka: pajamas are no longer acceptable every day wear]. and as much as I enjoyed the company of my lounge-wear, I’ve traded it in.¬†except on nights + weekends.

every work environment varies, along with it the dress code. but regardless my outfit must speak to me and say ..

I am a confident business professional. I am here to be taken seriously and do my job. I do not want my clothes to be a distraction, unless you’re stopping by my office to tell me “I love your outfit!”.

if you have to ask yourself if it’s appropriate, err on the side of caution. don’t wear it.

[as my momma always said, “save something for the imagination”].

business casual //

look 1: bow blouse / soft pants / blue smoking flats.

look 2: deep purple blouse / pebble ankle pants / studded ballet flats.

look 3: geometric blouse / textured skirt / two-piece dress heels.

look 4: striped sweater / skinny career pants / dress wedges.

one more thing: you don’t have to spend a fortune to look nice + professional.

[all pieces $40 or less].

happy wednesday.

5 thoughts on “business casual.”

    1. an over-sized sweater to work feels like cheating on the dress code, because it’s so comfortable. I love it. wore that exact outfit to work on thursday! and the sweater is only $15, which you can’t beat. :)

  1. Cute! My favorite is #2. I have two internships in casual office environments where most people are in jeans every day. At one of them I was told that the dress code is basically “casual and fashionable,” partly because some of the clients are fashion or beauty brands. Any way, this helps! Even though people wear jeans, I want to dress up a little.

    1. thank you erin!! :) You can always pair dark jeans with any of these tops. and accessories!! fun loafers or flats & statement necklaces dress up any outfit. Or truly one of my favorite outfits, jeans + a graphic tee with a blazer. dressed up with booties & a fun necklace. I’m glad I could help a bit :)

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