cheers to good news.

life isn’t all peaches & pies.

and thank god it’s not.


do I love going through ‘hard times‘?


do I love when I’m able to wave goodbye to those said ‘hard times‘?


and folks, I’m a wavin’ :)


after 3 months of intense job searching…

I am off to the land of employment!!

[beginning wednesday].


I could not be more thankful for my family, friends, & [J] for being so supportive throughout this time. job searching stinks [no, I’m not a 4 year old was ‘stinks’ or something much worse]. the more no’s I heard, the more I wanted to scream “good I didn’t want you either“. but I just kept on chugging along. I hoped knew the right thing would come around at the right time.

and oh my goodness: could this opportunity have come at a better time? no.

I had enough lessons [all valuable]. and my bank account had enough abuse.

I am so, so excited to begin my new position. earn a paycheck again. meet new people. get back in the groove. be in the heart of downtown chicago.

is there anything I’m not excited about? waking up at 5AM.


any “how to wake up early & not be miserable tips ..I am here with open ears! lay ‘em on me!

I will share more details & photos once I get into the swing of things :)

happy monday.

5 thoughts on “cheers to good news.”

  1. Oh my gosh!! How exciting!!!!! If the photo is any indication of where your work is I have a few tips for the train into the city, etc. The University I work for has a building directly across the street. =) Email me directly so that there is a privacy factor for some details, tips etc.

    1. Thank you Erin! I love your blog. Those posts you wrote about “finally” getting a job and how you felt …I’m right there with you! It’s overwhelming & exciting all at the same time. Cheers to US – to believing in ourselves, to never giving up, to knowing our worth, and what we deserve. We may be great with free time, but watch out world ..we’re back in business :)

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