cold weather essentials.

being from iowa, I know surviving winter is no easy task. it takes preparation; both mental + physical. I can’t really help with the mental preparation, since I’ve lived in “winter” states my entire life and I dread it every year. seriously. but on the upside, there is no christmas like a white christmas. and if you don’t have to leave the comfort of your couch, snow is beautiful.

 it takes an army to get through winter. these items are essential. not mentioned: the ten thousand layers I wear underneath. or my beautiful wool socks, that were originally [J]’s, and reach my knees. it’s not always pretty, but that’s ok as long as you can feel your body parts.

cold weather essentials c/o

 a brightly colored peacoat. warm + comfy snow boots. because face it, it will snow. a lot. I’m also a large fan of rain boots in winter, for the sloppier days. a large tote, because not only does it need to carry your always ‘every day items’, add on hat, mittens, & scarf. touchscreen compatible glovesobviously. taking off your gloves to use your phone is not ideal. a handmade infinity scarf from life flourished in chicago, IL. [see mine here]. an insulated vest. for when it’s too cold to wear a full-blown winter jacket. a long parkakeurig 2.0 brewer. for hot beverages on the fly.

what are essentials for your winter?

happy wednesday.

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