DIY balcony furniture.

for once in my life [post-living-with-the-parents], I have an outdoor space to call my own.

it wasn’t “essential,” but an absolute bonus when [J] & I settled on our des moines apartment.

when we moved in, the last thing I wanted to do was go outside [it was february]. but once the temperatures began to rise, the balcony was the only thing on my mind. outdoor furniture is really expensive! we wanted a table & 4 chairs. but everywhere we went our budget could hardly cover the plastic option or one wooden chair. so I said “let’s build it“. [let’s is the key word].

I set a tentative deadline of may 1st. but after quite a few unexpected business trips, we pushed it back to june 1st. then more trips. but ..

we finally have outdoor furniture. and it is amazing.

[if it wasn’t for the mosquitoes, I’d never come inside].

DIY balcony furniture //

DIY balcony furniture //

DIY balcony furniture //

DIY balcony furniture //

DIY balcony furniture //

DIY balcony furniture //

the ice bucket is obviously my favorite. there will be no warm beer. or running inside for a cold cocktail in this household.

[J] made everything you see here. including the {glasses}. but excluding the outdoor rug, that’s from {here}. [oh and I stained one chair. I wanted to let my man enjoy being a man ..or so I say]. he did an amazing job. and there was no need for me to get involved.

but ..

[J] found thee most amazing blogger; mom + builder. who shares all of her projects {here}.

she breaks down the materials + tools, cut list, and all of the steps. [for our chairs {here}. for our table {here}].

[J] & I decided to add on the ice bucket. and it was something he was easily able to incorporate into the design.

it turned out better than I could’ve imagined.

who wants to come over for a BBQ & a cocktail?

happy monday.


17 thoughts on “DIY balcony furniture.”

  1. Wow, that turned out so good! I think J could have a new career if he wanted. Can’t wait to see you guys soon!

    1. I couldn’t agree more. and I think he’d be happy to spend more time in the garage with his power tools. can’t wait to see you & the fam soon too!! xo!!

  2. I am SO going to do this! I’ve been dying for new porch furniture and this would fit the bill PERFECTLY! I will soon be pestering you with questions about this!

    1. thank you rachel!!! I found so many amazing outdoor dining sets in stores, but they were all too dang expensive for 3 months of use [if that]. I couldn’t be happier we settled on building. it turned out great & [J] is so proud.

    1. I was thinking it could also keep a salad or appetizers chilled, but of course ..testing the beer was more important. thank you rachel – xo!!

  3. I love Ana White’s website…your husband did an amazing job on the table. Can you tell me what type of wood he used and the stain? Thanks.

    1. thank you sarah!! yes, ana white’s website is amazing. I’m blown away by everything she creates. we used cedar [2×2’s] & pine [1×2’s]. and the stain is: olympic maximum stain & sealant, in canyon brown. thanks for stopping by & happy building!!

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