essentials for a goodnight //

health // essentials for a goodnight.

I mentioned in my spring goals recently that I want 7.5 hours of sleep each night. and I can honestly report back + say, since march 20th I’ve only missed that one night.

but it’s never as easy as just “going to bed”. there must be a routine.

firstly, I have a jawbone UP fitness band, that I wear daily, mostly because of the sleep tracker. it measures my total sleep each night, including deep + light sleep. as well as how long it took me to fall asleep, and if I woke up at all during the night. it can even wake me up in the morning.

everything I do to “get ready for bed” is either to help me fall asleep faster or to help me wake up refreshed.

essentials for a goodnight //

sleepytime tea.
aromatherapy pillow mist.
• clean face [wash + moisturize] + teeth.
• check your alarm twice, for peace of mind. [there’s nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night, thinking “did I set my alarm?”].
• get 7+ hours. you’re going to go to sleep feeling good about the next day & wake up well rested.

• and if you have time before bed, read a book. it’s truly the best way to unwind.

one last thing: try to wake up at the same time every single day [except the weekends, I just can’t]. my alarm clock is set for 6:33AM every day. even though during the week, my in-times at work fluctuate between 8AM and 10AM.

happy hump day!

P.S. last night I got 8h 4m of sleep. and I’m feeling pretty good about today.

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  1. i am IN LOVE with the aromatherapy lines from bath&bodyworks. i use the lavender hand lotion before bed every night and it is so soothing. i’m proud of you for being so good about sleeping…i’m getting as much as i can before i just CAN’T sleep anymore. this baby is getting moving like whoa.

    1. it’s a natural way to make yourself very sleepy; my only problem is if I get hooked, I cannot stop turning the pages and next thing I know it’s crazy late. I like to read self-help & informational books at bedtime, because they don’t have a plot I’m in danger of getting sucked into :)

  2. I agree! A good book is a great way to unwind and finish the day.
    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  3. I’m OCD about getting 8 hours of sleep!! I start to get panicky if I think I wont, haha! Have you found that the pillow mist works at all? I would love to try it sometime. I usually light a nice smelling candle for about 30 minutes before bed :) Oh, and tea is a nightly AND morning ritual.

    Miranda xx |

    1. I love the pillow mist, and it could be all in my head ..but I fall asleep much faster after a fresh spritz. plus the smell is calming. a candle is a really good idea too!! I have a couple spa candles that would be good for that. I’m a tea at night, coffee in the morning kind of gal. [ps love your blog title!!!!!!!] :)

  4. I LOVE the Celestial Sleeptime tea! My fav to sip on at night. My boyfriend swears by that Cetaphil moisturizer too!

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