first_snowfall.jpeg //

first snowfall.

I must interrupt our regularly scheduled programming.

we had our first snowfall.

usually I’m the opposite of excited, but I got to enjoy it from the safety + warmth of the indoors. so it was rather beautiful. and I decided to create a celebration around it.

first_snowfall.jpeg //

first_snowfall.jpeg //

first_snowfall.jpeg //

[J] is 110% against anything christmas-related before thanksgiving, but I convinced him to put up our outdoor icicle lights on sunday evening. saying it’d be miserable to put them up when there is snow on the ground.¬†what the heck happens the very next day? snow!

first_snowfall.jpeg //

baileys irish cream + peppermint schnapps // pumpkin macaroons.

first_snowfall.jpeg //

first_snowfall.jpeg //

best enjoyed in front of a warm fire.


the holidays are coming.

time to bust out the flannel pajamas + baileys.

happy tuesday.


8 thoughts on “first snowfall.”

    1. it’s suppose to get up in the 50’s this weekend. so I’m hoping yesterday’s snow was a fluke, and the real stuff will hold off until thanksgiving [at least].

    1. thank you!! I heard Chicago got snow yesterday too. It’s only nice when I have nowhere to be. And since I have tickets for the Iowa vs Michicgan game next weekend, I’d love for the snow to hold off. it puts a damper on my 5AM tailgating ritual.

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