for the love of track pants //

for the love of track pants.

when it comes to clothes, I seek “hidden comfort”. I want to feel comfortable [& confident] in what I’m wearing. as well as, have each piece feel good on. but I don’t want my clothes to scream “she’s practically wearing her pajamas!”.

unless you’re at home, no woman feels confident walking around in her pajamas.┬ábut every woman wants to.

comfort + chic.

for the love of track pants //

a few of my favorites.

happy shopping thursday!

4 thoughts on “for the love of track pants.”

  1. I am all about comfort! I love my yoga pants but then I always look like I’m going to the gym.

    Great choices.


    1. comfort #1. you can so easily dress these pants up; throw on a white tee, tuck it in the front, throw on a blazer. the end. you’re ready for the day OR a date night. these pants are it!! :)

    1. I can’t deny, I too see the resemblance. but they can also be a fun fashion statement. and the comfort, ahh. too many days spent in skinny jeans has me desperately looking for a more comfortable option!

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