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travels // go blog social.

I had my heart set on attending go blog social this year. I also had my heart set on starting a new job. with training, and lack of vacation days because I’m saving almost all of them for my wedding ..I didn’t know if I could make it work. long story short ..

I will be at half of go blog social.

I am taking off to kansas city on friday (after work). to meet some of my favorite bloggers. and learn how to make this blog just a wee bit better.

here are a handful items I will absolutely be taking with me ..

go blog social // LLinaBC.com

1 // fun notebook; a lot of great info will be shared. 2 // colorful pens; just because I can. 3 // business cards; essential for networking with other bloggers.

4 // maxi dress; comfortable + chic for a long day. 5 // large tote; because you only have two hands. 6 // bright nail color; why not?

7 // sandals; you’re going to be on your feet all day. 8 // pocket file; to organize all the business cards you’ll be receiving. 9 // breath mints; no explanation necessary.

if you’re also attending, I want to know! and for those of you who are not, you can count on me to take good notes & photographs.

let this week begin ..

happy monday!

14 thoughts on “travels // go blog social.”

    1. thank you!! I love, love maxi dresses. they’re dressy, without being too dressy. they’re comfortable. and they cover my snow white legs. win, win!!

  1. So fun! I hope to go to a blog conference one day. Have a great time!
    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle
    *join the Monday Madness link up!*

    1. ashley, you absolutely should. they are so much fun + informative. it’s great to meet bloggers you’ve been following along with in “real life”. and be surrounded by a bunch of people that get what you do without explaining it :)

    1. that’s always my problem. they’re too far, or too expensive. I could not be happier that kansas city is less than 3 hours from des moines. but it can be difficult to make arrangements. you’ll make it work – they’re so much fun & always worth it :)

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