holiday challenge //

holiday challenge.

we have somehow¬†reached the middle of november. which means, it is time to begin making holiday plans. instead of creating my usual “make the most of the season” bucket list, I’ve decided to issue a challenge to all of you. create your own take on an advent calendar. every day leading up to christmas, all 25 of them, you must complete a holiday task you’ve made for yourself.

the best way [I’ve found] to go about doing this is to write down as many activities as you can possibly think of for your holiday season, big & small. [examples: decorating the tree, making holiday cookies, drinking hot cocoa, watching your favorite holiday movie, visit santa]. then look at your calendar and begin filling in the activities for each day. if there is an “impossible day” [where you can’t get the family together. or the fiance is out of town], I assign those “stocking stuffer days”. where¬†you put one item in each person’s stocking. the item can be as simple as a note or a piece of candy.

don’t forget to make it look pretty + festive.

holiday challenge //

I will be sharing my 25 days of christmas calendar on friday, november 29th.

I encourage you to make one too, and share along with me. or if you’d like, borrow mine. but be warned, there will be many days that include drinking holiday-inspired cocktails.

who’s with me?


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5 thoughts on “holiday challenge.”

    1. and I cannot wait to share. this is something my fiance & I really look forward to. it ensures each of the days leading up to christimas have at least a little holiday cheer. you should make a list too! :)

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