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ignorance is bliss.

only 4 days until our {trip} begins.

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and our dining room is beginning to resemble the camping section at bass pro shop. 

I’d love to report we’re packed & ready to go ..but that is a far cry from the truth. my “list” is approximately 3 pages long, and grows every time I take a shower or attempt to fall asleep [apparently that’s when my best ideas strike me]. great news: the blog is in wonderful hands while I’m gone. bad news: if I can’t find a snake bite kit, we’re not going.

[just kidding!].

I used to be a fearless child. I’d like her to make a reappearance.

I have about 10000 concerns regarding this trip. including sleeping in a tent, showering in a communal bathroom, running through the campsite to use the restroom in the middle of the night, rain, our tent leaking when it rains, being too hot at night, cooking dinner over a campfire, having to eat PB&J for every meal because I can’t cook over a campfire, bears, rattle snakes, any insects, poison ivy, etc. [just to name a few]. ah, ignorance is bliss.

the first six days we want to prep our own meals at our campsite. and “rough it” as much as possible. no planned trips to the grocery store, or starbucks.

what type of meals do you cook when camping? ideas for snacks? things to pack I’m probably forgetting?

any & all advice is welcome. [and appreciated].

an honest “you can do it” may even help at this point.

happy wednesday!!


5 thoughts on “ignorance is bliss.”

  1. You’ll have a blast!!! And you can absolutely do the “roughing it” stuff, though the no Starbucks may be hard just take a coffee pot to put over the fire. :)

  2. I remember making hobo meals! Throw meat potatoes, cheese some other veggies and salt and pepper in a tin foil pouch and throw it in the fire. Then for dessert, banana, chocolate chips in tin foil on the fire!

  3. I found the recipe!

    Campfire Hobo Dinner
    1 lb. hamburger
    Cubed potatoes
    Seasonings (salt and pepper for us)

    Spray aluminum foil with nonstick
    spray then layer the ingredients above in any order. Cut the onion in
    quarters so they can be removed before eating if you do not like cooked
    onions. Wrap up the aluminum foil, throw on the camp fire and cook until
    the potatoes are tender.

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