I'm not a player // LLinaBC.com

I’m not a player.

there is the most amazing graphic tee-shirt shop in des moines, IA. called {RAYGUN}.

I blogged about it a little {here}.

I’ve had my eye on one of their tee’s for months now. no clue why I didn’t instantly buy it, because I should’ve ..but I didn’t. and every time I was near downtown, I thought of it. well guess what? I’m officially the proud owner of this beauty ..

I'm not a player // LLinaBC.com

I'm not a player // LLinaBC.com

I'm not a player // LLinaBC.com

“I’m not a player, I just blog a lot” RAYGUN tee // blue bauble necklace via spotlight style boutique // michael kors watch {similar} // bracelets c/o capwell + co // jawbone UP fitness band

I'm not a player // LLinaBC.com

and that last picture perfectly describes how I feel when I’m wearing it.

check out all of their amazing tee’s {here}. you’ll be amused, I’m sure of it.

happy tuesday!


9 thoughts on “I’m not a player.”

    1. thank you @libby_g:disqus- my love for RAYGUN began when I was going to the univ of iowa, they have a store right downtown! always the most clever tees. xo!

  1. LOVE! I’ve seen these around a few times & I especially love that people get them from DSM :) I might need to get one soon haha (like on my next trip home in a few weeks!)

      1. Yes! I’ll be back the 8-13 of August (really the 9-12, as far as days go). I’ll shoot you an email so we can be in touch!

  2. OMG I almost just bought this shirt on Saturday when we were in Iowa City! SO jealous that you got it! I absolutely LOVE IT! Play on player!

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