in the kitchen // summer beers c/o

in the kitchen // summer beers.

I’m a beer drinker. but not exclusively. I don’t discriminate against alcoholic beverages. unless it’s a dirty martini. that’s [J]’s cocktail of choice. and I tried a sip on our very first date, 6 years ago, and have refused it since. I’d say it’s taste resembles being swept under a wave in the pacific ocean with your mouth wide open. picture that.

when the temperatures increase, so do my fruity beer cravings.

[*editor’s note: I say fruity, because they are all brewed with fruit. but they are not “sweet fruity”. they’re delicious fruity. in my language,  not “too sweet” that you can’t drink more than one. they’re a ‘lounge poolside & drink three’ kind of beers].

summer beer staples.

in the kitchen // summer beers c/o

in the kitchen // summer beers c/o

in the kitchen // summer beers c/o

in the kitchen // summer beers c/o

o’fallon wheach peach wheat beer. // brewed in missouri.

abita strawberry harvest lager. // brewed in louisiana.

wasatch apricot hefeweizen. // brewed in utah.

enjoy the warmer weather & enjoy a fruity beer.

happy tuesday.

15 thoughts on “in the kitchen // summer beers.”

    1. I can often be found in the craft beer section at our grocery store. I find my favorite beers by utilizing a “build your own 6 pack”. some stores offer it. you can make your very own 6 pack of 6 different beers. or I’ll get two of each for my fiance & I to try. it’s a great way to sample!

  1. i have wanted to try abita strawberry FOREVER, and then i got pregnant and now i have to wait. confession: i miss beer so much that i swished a sip of my husband’s coconut porter around in my mouth and then spit it out, just for the taste. so worth it.

    1. that is the BEST confession. I laughed out loud. (thank you!!!). I want to try a coconut porter ..and once you are finished making a baby, go straight to the liquor store and buy a 6 pack of it. also I want to come visit, then we can have one together :)

  2. Oooh I’ve never seen these but I’ve definitely been wanting to try a peach beer! I picked up a variety pack of Blue Moon the other day and they had some seriously interesting flavors!

    PS, I have some of the salsa at home and have been meaning to tell you what it is, but it always slips my mind because when I eat it I dont think about anything else since it’s so good, hahah!

    1. interesting, good? they’ve been coming out with a lot of new varieties, but I’ve not yet tried any of them. You should try the peach wheat. it’s one of those beers you take a sip and “ahhhhhhh” in ultimate refreshment afterwards :)

  3. Umm where can I buy these?
    I was looking at these kinds of beers at Trader Joe’s this past weekend, but was a dummy and didn’t purchase any of them. What was I thinking?!?

    1. I’m big on craft beer sampling – you should be able to find them at a liquor store. or somewhere with a big craft beer section. try them & let me know what you think!! :)

  4. yum. i’m inspired. i’m totally going to do my own post about summer time beers. maybe i’ll do a local idaho edition. we have some fantastic breweries here. just showing some love! i’m sponsoring the daily tay as well! new reader!

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