it's game day //

it’s game day.

it's game day //

I’m always excited for football season to show up.

you have a reason to day drink every saturday + sunday, in case you need one.

you can sit on the couch for a consistent 48 hours. and it’s totally acceptable.

mozzarella sticks + chicken wings are encouraged.

ice cold beer becomes a breakfast beverage. or if you prefer: bloody mary & mimosas.

the weather starts to cool down.

you spend much less time in your closet searching. just grab your team’s tee or sweatshirt & you’re out the door.

it's game day //

and this year ..I’m adding one more to the list.

fantasy football.

I’m in a league with 12 other bloggers. and I’m so excited.

so excited in fact, I created a game day sweatshirt. supporting my fantasy team’s name.

it's game day //

with a bill belichick [the new england patriot’s coach] signature touch: cut-off sleeves.

this week I’m going head to head with league commissioner: {karoline with a K}.

may my team win the best team win.

happy football sunday.


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