it’s new years eve.

happpppy new years eve.

[and welcome sunny with a chance of sprinkles readers. #teamchelsea]

this is typically when I would reflect on the past year. and share my 2013 resolutions. but thanks to my amazing colorado vacation, I’m a tad behind.

I am somewhere in the state of colorado, nearing the nebraska border. [J] & I are sprawled out in the backseat, while my parents are in the front, taking on the task of navigating ..& driving.


oh and my parent’s puppy, lexi, is nestled in between [J] & I.

what a way to spend the last day of 2012, right? it’s actually going to be beneficial. since I’m stuck in a car, with nowhere to go [but to sleep] ..I can focus on tomorrow 2013. write out some resolutions guidelines & goals. I’m ready for a new page to turn!

this week I’ll be sharing a couple colorado highlights, my list of guidelines for 2013 [that I’ll be creating today], probably a bucket list, and the year 2012 in review!

have the best/last day of 2012.

I am so excited about what the new year has in store. I have a good feeling about this one!!


see you all in 2013.


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