“jump & fly? or jump & fall? its time”

Monday, November 1st marked the day I reached the edge of the cliff. Time has somehow disappeared at an even more rapid pace than usual? And I don’t see it slowing down now that I only have ONE MONTH left. (Oh it scares me to say that out loud).

I bet you didn’t know that yesterday ..

I was laying out at the pool :)
I was breaking the HOKEY POKEY world record :)
I was enjoying the BEGINNING of football season :)
I was in Chicago w/ some of my FAVORITES :)

Ahhhh ..well it seems like it was only yesterday! Now I am busy researching and typing what seems like a million papers. Studying for thousands of tests. And wrapping up an uncomfortable amount of group projects. OH AND constantly thinking about my upcoming GRADUATION (44 days) and BIG MOVE to New York City. 63 days :)

PS. I will be posting much more frequently. Since crunch time is FULLY upon “us”/me now! Speaking of ..my parents are coming to visit me tomorrow with boxes in tow.


Checklist to move :

  • Find subleaser for apartment. DONE :)

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