kitchen // warm weather staples c/o

kitchen // warm weather staples.

after the winter we’ve endured, 50° feels like a dang heatwave. [thankfully the temperatures have surpassed that. and today the high is 75°].

the first day of the year I am able to sit on my patio & enjoy the weather is the day, I go straight to the grocery store & stock up on my patio favorites.

vodka, lime juice, ginger beer, chips, and salsa.

that is the grocery list to a happy summer. at least for me.

kitchen // warm weather staples c/o

what are your  warm weather staples?

I must note it seems it has taken my entire life to find a canned salsa I enjoy as much as the fresh, restaurant stuff ..but I am loving frontera salsa. and for chips, it is always the quinoa & black bean infused tortilla chips from trader joe’s. just saying.

now you know what my plans are for tonight :)

happy wednesday!

19 thoughts on “kitchen // warm weather staples.”

  1. Hot drinks and soups are must for me in the winter. I love fresh fruits in the spring and summer. Happy Spring!
    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  2. Mmm, Moscow Mules! I also enjoy a cool glass of a tasty sauvignon blanc! Warm weather means steaks on the grill and crisp salads on the deck.

    1. I am so hungry + thirsty reading this. I think my dinner plan this evening consists of grilled food. steaks on the grill? it’s too nice out not to take advantage! :)

  3. Wal Mart has this salsa in their deli area that comes in a little tub and it is AMAZING ! I seriously love it so much . I can’t think of the name but I’ll have to post it because it’s THAT good lol .

    1. I am absolutely going to go find this salsa. I think it’s so hard to find good salsa in the grocery store. so I appreciate this!! [*chips & salsa are my weakness].

      1. Seriously, MINE TOO!!! I love it so much – always have! I used to live off of it when I was in high school lol. But I’m getting this salsa for taco night tonight, so i’ll let you know the name!!

  4. chips and salsa! So good. I am a “dipper” when it comes to salsa and I prefer it so be more pureed so to speak rather than chunky so it is always hard finding store bought salsa that has the right consistency and is delicious.

    1. I am with you brittany. I avoid the chunks. (because I LOVE salsa, but dislike tomatoes. go figure). this salsa is not chunky. which besides the scrumptious flavor, is why I like it so much.

  5. Those chips are my absolute favorite! If I can’t have actual mexican tortilla chips, those are my second choice every time. And how the heck do I get my hands on that salsa??

    1. you can find them at most major grocery stores (thank goodness). I found them in the “health food” section. and they’re also at target + whole foods. I may order some online though, they have more flavor options!! :)

  6. The patio of a Mexican restaurant with a margarita is always nice! :) Love those Trader Joe’s chips, too! For us, warm weather staples are cut fruit, veggies to grill and filet mignon burgers from Hy-Vee. This summer I’m vowing to use my cedar planks for some salmon on the grill!

    1. I have never had the filet mignon burgers from hy-vee. but whenever we grill out, we go there. so I will be trying those the next time. (which if the weather cooperates, will be soon!).

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