life // holiday weekend mishap.

life // holiday weekend mishap c/o

I had a “you’ve got to be kidding me” moment this morning.

I had a leisurely morning planned. I’d get up at 6:30, get the coffee brewing. take my time getting to the gym. get in a good workout. and get ready for work. all was going according to plan until I received a sweet snapchat from my friend, it said “it’s tuesday – YAY!”. and I thought “oh shhhhhoot”.

see.. I go into work at different times throughout the week. for example, I go in at 10AM on Monday’s and 9AM on Tuesday’s.

well, I received this snapchat at 8:15AM while fresh out of the shower, rocking wet hair & a robe. thinking uh oh, if it’s not monday I don’t go to work at 10AM. I go in at 9AM!!

I was completely thrown off by our extended weekend. I got ready in 15 minutes and made it to work at 9:01AM.

I am now back on track. and could not be happier it is tuesday.

has a holiday weekend ever thrown you off that much? should I invest in a larger wall calendar?

happy TUESDAY, my friends.

I hope all of you had an amazing memorial day weekend. [I will be sharing mine tomorrow].

thank you to all those men & women who have & do fight for our freedom. your sacrifices are not small, and are greatly appreciated.

10 thoughts on “life // holiday weekend mishap.”

  1. I completely forgot it was Tuesday today as well, but I didn’t have a mishap like yours. Glad your day shaped up & I can’t wait to hear about your weekend!

    1. my brain is convinced that if I have the day off and the next day I have to work must be sunday. on holiday weekends, that theory does not apply. I am just happy I realized before I was too late!

  2. My coworker didn’t show up until 10 and he was supposed to be there at 8…. but he’s always supposed to be there at 8, haha! He had turned off his alarm yesterday :) Love that chevron!

    1. thank you marlena!! that is hysterical. and a nightmare ..nothing is worse than waking up in a panic, knowing your alarm didn’t go off or you slept through it. yikes!

    1. it’s a blessing & a curse. I work at 10AM on Monday’s & Thursday’s, but that means I don’t get off until 7PM ..which is a bummer. I love to have the time in the morning, but I’d much prefer coming into work earlier every day and getting off sooner!

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