life // keep caffeinated c/o

life // keep caffeinated.

don’t waste the remainder of your summer by drinking hot coffee.

especially when it’s so easy to makeĀ home-brewed iced coffee. using items you already have; coffee grounds, water, & a coffee filter. [I use the one that came with my coffee pot]. just remember: 1 cup of coffee grounds to 4.5 cups of water. let them marry in the refrigerator for 8-12 hours. and you’ll be a happy camper.

life // keep caffeinated c/o

life // keep caffeinated c/o

my favorite part: taking it to work a mason jar. because it’s more fun that way.

life // keep caffeinated c/o

happy tuesday.

4 thoughts on “life // keep caffeinated.”

  1. this is so easy, and you don’t need a pot. you can use a strainer you have at home, but you may want cheesecloth or a coffee filter, so the grounds don’t sneak through. he’d love it!

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