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so, I may have underestimated the amount of wedding planning I have to do.

[J] & I easily decided on a destination wedding. we wanted to be somewhere tropical + beautiful. and it seemed much more laid back to plan. [how can you be stressed on the beach with an umbrella cocktail?] but then came the return reception, which will practically be a full-blown wedding reception, a month after our destination wedding. all of my jumps for joy about not being concerned about music, centerpieces, cocktails, food, & dessert were in vain. but for good reason ..it gives our guests that are not able to travel a chance to celebrate with us, and vice versa. I’m both excited and overwhelmed.

#LLinaBCGetsHitched // LLinaBC.com

now that we are a mere 8 months + 21 days from theeeeee day, I consistently have wedding planning on the brain. and want to know what you want to read about ..

want to be a part of the return reception planning, step by step? want to hear about the latest wedding trends? interested in my health & beauty regimen leading up to the big day? not interested?

I want to know what YOU want me to share.

tell me below in the comment section ..or on facebook // twitter // instagram.

happy tuesday.

11 thoughts on “#LLinaBCGetsHitched.”

    1. thank you kali – let the wedding blogging commence!! I want to hear all about your planning process too. we should get together for a “soon-to-be bride, somewhat stressed” cocktail :)

  1. You sound like me. I totally underestimated all of the stuff that I still have left to do and it’s very overwhelming. There are so many little details in the reception!

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