#LLontheBIGroad // LLinaBC.com


we are back home.

safe & sound.

thankfully it was a very uneventful ten hours, from colorado back to iowa. I kept my “passenger seat driving” to a minimum. and read july’s {book club read} from start to finish. it was amazing. but more on my thoughts of the book on thursday. [for the book club review. & the reveal of august’s book]. 

as absolutely incredible as our trip was ..I was so happy to sink into our bed, and get a great night sleep under our own roof. for the first time in sixteen days.

as for the trip ..

I will be sharing a portion every wednesday in august.

starting tomorrow!

with a couple fun stories along the way.

#LLontheBIGroad // LLinaBC.com

see you tomorrow for the first installment of the trip!

have an amazing tuesday.


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