memory lane.

{blog every day in may}

“five songs that speak to you or bring back memories”.

I don’t know if I can narrow it down to five. I cling to music to get me through, well, everything. every year, friendship, & struggle has a song [or five] that goes along with it.

breakaway by kelly clarkson. it takes me back to 18. getting ready to leave for college. as nervous as I was, I’d listen to this song and be excited of the possibilities ahead. even to this day.

[the next two I have loved since age 5].

forever young by rod stewart. it’s just a great song about growing up. and falling in love. when it comes on, I will sing loudly. regardless of my surroundings. be warned.

 faithfully by journey. one word: classic. [& beautiful].

someone somewhere by jason reeves. this man has a way with words. and in college, I listened to him on repeat. this was one of my favorites. about finding you’re “someone”. and coincidentally, I found mine right around that time.

no boundaries by kris allen. anytime I’ve felt lost, or discouraged .. this is my go to. [“you can go higher. you can go deeper. there are no boundaries, above or beneath you. break every rule, because there’s nothing between you & your dreams“].

I thought the hardest part would be picking five songs. nope, it was trying to get these songs & my blog to cooperate. if they look goofy, I apologize. I wrestled with them for hours. they’re stubborn. 

on that note, [grrrr], I’m off to go get some work done. and watch it rain, again.

[I have another post coming later today. since I’m a day behind in the ‘challenge’].

happy thursday.


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