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miscellaneous four.

hello all. we have made it to the second friday of 2014. I’d say so far so good, but there is something about the start of a new year that makes me want to achieve more. as soon as possible. I can’t help but feel overwhelmed with tasks and lazy, all at the same time. if that makes sense. on that note, let me share four takeaways from my week.

1 // wedding planning has been consuming my thoughts lately. [J] & I have secured the major details or so I thought. but it appears there are many more facets to this occasion than my brain had even considered. I also can’t believe how far in advance everything must be done, especially if your wedding is in the ever popular fall season. now I make up for lost time, and quick. [side note: I could not be happier to have an involved fiance. he wants to help. and I am gladly accepting it. co-planners].

2 // I have puppy fever. the rational side of me knows this is crazy not the right time [see above]. there is way too much going on in our lives right now to throw a puppy into the mix. but the irrational larger side of me thinks puppies are always a good idea. just maybe, we can give ourselves a wedding gift [ahhem: a sweet little golden retriever].

miscellaneous four // LLinaBC.com


3 // organizing. have you ever gathered every random piece of paper & folder from around your house and piled them on your dining room table, only to look at the overwhelming stack and think ..hm, I don’t have time for all that. maybe later. and then later becomes next week. that’s where I am right now. and I need to stop with the later, so today it is. Iheart Organizing has great tips + tricks for tackling the paper piles.

miscellaneous four // LLinaBC.com


4 // if I make + stick to one ‘resolution’ this year, I want it to be ..every single night when I go to bed, I want to know I accomplished as much as I possibly could that day. and go to sleep with a clear, satisfied mind. hefty goals much? shoot for the stars.

miscellaneous four // LLinaBC.com

I hope your year is off to a roaring start!

have an amazing weekend.

4 thoughts on “miscellaneous four.”

  1. I am definitely pro-puppy! Good luck with wedding planning, I leave for my sister’s in 24 days & totally am rushing to get everything done for her!

    1. oh my gosh – 24 days?! Ah I cannot imagine how I will be feeling when I’m less than a month away from my wedding. There is so much to do, and more importantly I underestimated the work it’d take. Now I understand why people consider planning their wedding another full-time job. good luck with your sister’s wedding!! xo!!

  2. Oh there’s never a PERFECT time to get a puppy…. but you should go ahead and get one anyway. Actually, scratch that, maybe EVERY time is a perfect time to get a puppy! Good luck with wedding planning :-)

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