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miscellaneous four.

friday is here. friday is here.

[J] is off work today, and I am “forcing” him to try a new local restaurant with me. where is yet to be determined. I have a list two pages long of places I need to visit in des moines. what have I been doing? we’ve been living here almost a year now. I am a total creature of habit. I find a place I love and I can’t get enough of it. I must be feeling adventurous this cold afternoon.

my 4 favorite things around the world wide web today ..

this cheesy beef taco dip.

miscellaneous four // LLinaBC.com

recipe here.

this drinking game.

miscellaneous four // LLinaBC.com

from the genius venus trapped in mars. [she also created one for the big game]. and people, please do not forget about the puppy bowl on animal planet.

this office space.

miscellaneous four // LLinaBC.com

on apartment therapy.

[J] & I are moving into a new apartment in a few weeks. and I’ve been dreaming about a glam office space.

this baby bodysuit.

miscellaneous four // LLinaBC.com

some of my favorite bloggers have recently announced they have a new addition on the way. you need this!!!

have an amazing friday.

the weekend is almost upon us!

I’ll be back tomorrow with a last-minute recipe to accompany you during the big game.

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