no such thing as too early.

I had a crazy amount of things I wanted to accomplish this weekend. and was so excited to get a head start yesterday. [side note: most of these items require sunlight]. I wake up on friday morning, and it looks like 10PM outside. so dark, dreary ..& raining.

and guess what? the sun has decided to take another day off. how rude! all I need is a little sunlight to snap a couple photos and you can go back to your hiding spot. looks as though I am out of luck. I really want to share the new balcony furniture, that [J] made, on the blog. but I don’t think outdoor photos will be too convincing & glamorous when there are scary clouds & rain in the background. so I’ll keep waiting ..

[& just run errands today. with a side of coconut water].

happy fathers day //

on a happier note ..

happy fathers day //

I’m fully aware today is NOT father’s day. tomorrow is.

you can’t be too early in telling your dad you love him. [the real reason: I don’t post on sundays].

I’m going to keep this short & sweet.

to all the father’s out there: you’re appreciated. & loved.

[is there anything more precious than a dad playing with/loving their children? not in my book].

to my father, my grandpa [& the one looking down on me]: I love you. I am truly blessed. thank you for everything. and of course, putting up with my shenanigans. 

also to [J]’s dad & grandpa ..who have accepted me as “the girlfriend” part of the family. someday it’ll be “official”. love you both! [..& you also put up with my shenanigans].

and [J] you’ll make an amazing father someday. [I said someday].

happy fathers day //

happy fathers day //

happy fathers day //

that’s my dad, folks.


to all the dad’s out there: happy father’s day!


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