not a fashion blogger //

not a fashion blogger.

not a fashion blogger //

because when temperatures are floating around 0°, I cannot keep a poker face.

all my face says is “get me out of here”.

not a fashion blogger //

not a fashion blogger //

not a fashion blogger //


cold-weather fashion bloggers you’re rock stars. I have no idea how you do it.

not a fashion blogger //

sheer sweater similar // pink rain boots // white satchel similar  // tassel necklace similar // chocolate down coat.


now that I’m freezing just looking at those photographs, remembering how cold it was outside ..we need to grab a cup of coffee. and I’ll introduce you to a fellow blogger you should know.

say hello to ..



morning or night: morning. breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and nothing is better than a big cup of coffee. plus, when you wake up, you still have the whole day ahead of you!
perfect sunday: I love lazy sundays. my ideal sunday is just laying on the couch watching movies with my fiance all day and then cooking a nice dinner.
I wish I knew how to: speak another language fluently.
favorite way to unwind at the end of the day: drinking a “sleepy time” tea while catching up on episodes of our favorite shows that we missed.
ashley is getting married at the end of june, & she’s been my motivation extra push to get fit for my own wedding.
follow along with her on twitter // instagram // pinterest.

12 thoughts on “not a fashion blogger.”

    1. right?! more power to them!! I was trying to balance on a train track rail. it wasn’t quite working out for me. thankfully it didn’t end with my face in the snow!!!

      1. haha I know I have been scrambling to get posts done lately and was thinking if maybe I could just dedicate one Saturday to getting everything done, but I don’t think that will ever happen!

  1. I just ordered the tassel necklace you suggested! I have been on the hunt for one that was a little less pricey than one I’d been eyeing on Stella & Dot! Thanks ;)

    1. when I got my tassel necklace, I’m pretty sure I wore it consecutively for 8-10 days. I love it. mostly because it goes with everything. and easily dresses up a plain tee shirt. you are welcome!! :)

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