on the open road // LLinaBC.com

on the open road.

[J] & I’s 16 day trip has come to an end.


we’re up bright & early this morning, to drive back to iowa. it’s bittersweet. we had the absolute best time. and definitely would not complain if it continued for another sixteen days. but we’re ready to be home. in somewhat of a normal routine. sleeping in our own bed. [that is under a sturdy roof, not a tent].

we have an eleven-ish hour drive ahead of us. boooo!

I cannot wait to share our adventures. because there were lots. starting later this week!

in the meantime ..

on the open road LLontheBIGroad // LLinaBC.com

“take a ride across the badlands” – jason aldean.

on the open road LLontheBIGroad // LLinaBC.com

standard tent pitching procedure. hahaha.

on the open road LLontheBIGroad // LLinaBC.com

we’re real high up. no big deal.


so, so many more to come!

happy monday.


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