“what can happen in 1 month?”

the night before my move to NYC

A little over a month ago, I was recently graduated and living at home with my parents ..very few cares in the world. Then January 7th rolled around ..the day before I got on my one-way flight to New York City. I won’t ever be able to describe with words what I was feeling that day, but with any drastic life change ..there were ups & downs; excited for the new chapter ahead, but sad to close the books on the one before. Yet, I never once regretted the decision to jump head first out of college and into NYC.

Well here I am ..37 days into ‘Chapter New York’ and I am loving it. No matter what is to come, I couldn’t be happier with my decision! Now, let’s recap …. :)

I arrived at LaGuardia airport late on January 8th and Jeff was there to greet me (& snap a ‘fresh off the plane’ picture).

"AHHH I made it!!!"

On day 1, I was lucky enough to experience traffic in the city. Let’s just say, I am so happy to NOT have a car here. Besides the overwhelming traffic (I’m from IOWA), drivers do not pay any attention to lane lines. I had my eyes closed the majority of the car ride.

woo hoo nyc

The first 2 weeks were spent here …

the fun of job searching.

Mucho coffee, loads of job posts, and sixteen days later ..I had my first interview!! Which coincidentally ended up being my first & only interview, because ..seven days later I started my job as an Account Coordinator at a marketing firm. And I love my job; the people, the work, the perks, and the location ..

I work on Wall Street :)

I guess I’m just proof that not everyone who works on Wall Street is a wealthy, investment banker. HA :)

A few other odds & ends of my ‘Chapter New York’ 37 days in …

Bryant Park.

And when Jeff & I made our first dinner, we pulled out all the stops …

shells & cheese ...and some delicious wine :)

Fortunately during my time of ‘unemployment/job searching,’ I had a lot of time on my hands so I stepped up my cooking game. I visited my Irish roots by making shepard’s pie, which I believe was delicious. And since New York has had its worst winter, what is better than some spicy chili?

yummmm :)

I love the weekends ..quality time w/ my roommates! And when Jeff is away on business, I force myself upon my others, David & Annie and their outings! Two weeks ago, we went out for dinner and to a little dive bar for drinks in the village, and …I had my first celebrity spotting!!

John Mayer; in all of his poorly groomed, but still great glory!

Picture time … :)

central park :) rainy day in the city.
night out in our neighborhood :)

the Kardashian's boutique in SoHo.
"I love my new city!!!!" :)

“It’s about time!”

The title is speaking to me ..and my lack of updating the world of what’s been going on!!

I am officially a graduate of the University of Iowa. The ceremony took place on December 18th, 2010 and my diploma is in the mail. The best part of graduation was easily being the VERY last person to walk across the stage and graduate from Iowa in the year 2010. Yes, my last name begins with a “T”, but the way they organized us were by sections (S-Z). And I was the last. Lets just say I got quite the applause (definitely because everyone was excited to be done), but bigger than our school’s quarterback did. Take that Ricky Stanzi!! HA :)

see, the very last!
nothing like going out with a bang :)

A couple more from the ceremony ..

with my little brother, Cole :)
with my momma :)

Let’s just say I’m incredibly lucky. I had my brother, aunt, uncle, and two cousins drive to Iowa from Colorado and two of my best friends come from Chicago. My parents and grandparents came from my hometown. And many, many others who couldn’t make it, but were there with me in spirit! We took advantage of the night before graduation as my last hoorah in Iowa City. We went to a Japanese restaurant and ate around the teppanyaki grill.

trying to catch the egg. fail.

Then I went out with my friends and family downtown. We had an absolute blast.

my brother & I :)
got to love the car ride photos :)
thank god for college friends, who become forever friends :)
amazing night :)

And if the night before wasn’t enough for celebrating my graduation ..my parents had a party for me the night of in my hometown. They rented a space in a really nice bar/lounge downtown and decorated it beautifully.

the table set-up :)

The party was a “graduation/going away party”. It, like the night before, was a lot of fun.

My Family :)

Thank you brother Cole for coming to Iowa, just to see me graduate and help celebrate! (Wish you could have stayed for Christmas). And to my parents, thank you for everything ..and for hosting my graduation party. It was beautiful and I loved it! (You deserve more thanks than that, but I do not have enough time in the day to write it all out) LOVE YOU BOTH :)

two important people :)
momma/daughter combo. friends for almost 20 years :)
the people who made it 'til the end of the night :)

Thank you everyone for helping me celebrate my graduation. And to everyone who came from out-of-town, it means the world truly! I am no longer a “student,” but have joined the elite status of University of Iowa Alumni ;) And I must say, it feels great. Real world ..here I come!


(I’ll be posting daily this week!!)

39 days.

Dear college graduation you’re only 39 days away.

… & my NYC move is 53 days away. AHHH :)

Which means …the moving process has begun! ugh!

goodbye dresser. hello clothes that must be organized. grr

I must organize my clothes: “MUST move w/ me” and “CANNOT move w/ me”. I am far from “progress”. And embarrassingly enough, am sleeping with all of those clothes. I don’t want to toss them on the floor? My closet is full of other clothes? And my parents took my dresser? Limited options! Maybe sleeping on a 1/4 of my bed will be some odd incentive for me to GET RID OF STUFF. Then a box or two must be shipped to my soon-to-be-new home, a suitcase packed, and its “go time”. With this move comes a chance to start over. Instead of taking everything I own, I am doing the opposite and only bringing the essentials. Good luck to me! Ha.

Check List to Move:

  • Find subleaser for apartment. DONE :)
  • Buy one-way plane ticket for January 8th. (doing on FRIDAY!!)