“jump & fly? or jump & fall? its time”

Monday, November 1st marked the day I reached the edge of the cliff. Time has somehow disappeared at an even more rapid pace than usual? And I don’t see it slowing down now that I only have ONE MONTH left. (Oh it scares me to say that out loud).

I bet you didn’t know that yesterday ..

I was laying out at the pool :)
I was breaking the HOKEY POKEY world record :)
I was enjoying the BEGINNING of football season :)
I was in Chicago w/ some of my FAVORITES :)

Ahhhh ..well it seems like it was only yesterday! Now I am busy researching and typing what seems like a million papers. Studying for thousands of tests. And wrapping up an uncomfortable amount of group projects. OH AND constantly thinking about my upcoming GRADUATION (44 days) and BIG MOVE to New York City. 63 days :)

PS. I will be posting much more frequently. Since crunch time is FULLY upon “us”/me now! Speaking of ..my parents are coming to visit me tomorrow with boxes in tow.


Checklist to move :

  • Find subleaser for apartment. DONE :)

“what do lilacs and to do lists have in common?”

I accidentally, unintentionally made the best decision ever last spring when I created my schedule and lazily decided to take “Relaxation Techniques“. YES, it is a university class, worth 1 credit hour. I have officially reached what I would classify as “life overload” or my “maximum stress point”. And I NEED this class. So thank you to myself for scheduling what I thought would simply be an easy A.

Today we discussed how we know we are stressed, what makes us stressed, and how we relieve stress. It truly helps to hear what other people have to say ..and the techniques they use. So following discussion, we learned & practiced our first technique. A “body scan,” which is done by targeting all muscle groups that carry stress (head, neck, shoulders, hands, etc). BUT what I took out of class was my new found, stress relieving breathing technique. Our teacher told us to inhale, thinking about breathing in clean air in the form of white, blue or clouds. Then exhale by letting your stress leave your body, in the color of red or black. So I begin, and ..as I inhale color white, blue? Nope, my head sees lilacs or light purple. Who knew light purple was my stress relieving color? Not me! Then as I was exhaling, my mind immediately pictured my to do list saying “do this, do this, do this …” and faded out the further I got with my exhale. And guess what? It HELPED. My constant state of stress may have found a temporary relief.

stress reliever? yes :)

If you’re stressed ..try closing your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. You may be surprised by the images that help you relax.
ps. straight from my teacher ..alcohol is a valid form of stress relief (in a social atmosphere & done in moderation).

thank you for the technique teacher :)

“life is a runaway train you can’t wait to jump on” -sugarland.

I was driving back to my parent’s house the other day and heard the song “Time of Your Life” by Greenday. It brought me back to an exact moment ..I was standing at my high school graduation open house, the song was playing in the background, and I was thinking in my head how sad it was to see this chapter of my life end. But also, how excited I was to begin my next: college!! I thought high school had flown by, but little did I know college would pass at an even more uncomfortable speed. It would be best compared with the speed of light, because honestly the years are blurred.

may 2006. just yesterday.

One day I am counting down the days to my high school graduation, and the next thing I know, I’m 60 days away from being a college alumni. Strange! Something that has become overly apparent to me lately is ..present moments are not treasured until they are memories, UNLESS the present moments are a part of a chapter’s end. I have loved every second of college, but I have not appreciated it the way I do now. Each day comprises one of my last as a student. Every day, every moment must be treasured more than the ones that have come before. But wait, why do people wait to the end to appreciate what they have or had? Why do I have to think back to memories made and wish I made more while I had the chance? This ends here!! My new chapter ..life after college, life in New York City ..will be lived by a person who wants to make the most of each moment, each opportunity. I will not wait until the end of “Chapter New York City” to make the most of it.

my "chapter NYC" to do list :)

Why not have a to do list ready, right?! Don’t worry. I will do MUCH more. I am using this book as a “get off your butt” assistant, for the days I want to be lazy! A motivational tool you might say! :)  I want to ensure I make the most of each day as a New Yorker!!!

“Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road.
Time grabs you by the wrist, directs you where to go.
So make the best of this test, and don’t ask why.”

halloween 2007. my absolute best friends :)
my 21st birthday :)
the boy I snagged in college :)
my mom & I tailgating. sophomore year :)
BVU soccer days. freshmen year :)


I’ll spread my wings

And I’ll learn how to fly
Though it’s not easy to tell you goodbye
I gotta take a risk
Take a chance
Make a change

And breakaway…