best year yet 2015 c/o

resolutions of 2015.

best year yet 2015 c/o

so, this year I didn’t make any resolutions. per se. 

2014 was amazing + really could be called “the year of the wedding”. it may just be me, but when you’re planning a wedding [especially two; a destination + hometown] your free time + thoughts revolve around just that. I feel like I accomplished so much and so little. most of what I worked for in 2014 could be summarized into 8 days. [7 for our wedding in the dominican republic + 1 for our hometown reception]. the rest of the year was not a wash though. the highlights: marrying [J], adopting a kitten, purchasing a car, & moving into a new place.

now that we’re married and our days of planning a wedding are behind us, we can get back to focusing on life. so that’s my resolution for 2015, making it the best year yet by taking advantage of every moment + developing myself. I want to become a student again. not by enrolling in school, but by learning + studying regularly. turning the unknown in the known. refusing to be satisfied with the skills I’ve already developed, but by developing them further + adding on to my repertoire of expertise. just to name a few: I want to learn calligraphy, enhance my photography skills, take a photo-editing course, and further develop my social media skills. when you’re in school, you’re constantly expanding your knowledge. some may apply + some may not, but you’re developing. when you enter the “real world,” it’s easy to become complacent in one job with a fixed skill set. I have not + will not be satisfied with that.

cheers to making 2015 the best year yet!

[get the “this will be the best year yet” printable here].

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