summer bucket list.

believe it or not the first day of summer is this friday.

and I will admit, I’ve participated in very few “summery” activities thus far. [unless you count the numerous times [J] & I have used our grill. but besides that]. I’m always so happy once this warm season arrives, but it usually ends before I do all I had planned. so this year I put my foot down. and created a bucket list, to ensure I accomplish¬†everything¬†before autumn rolls around. [on september 22nd].

summer bucket list //

I made it last night.

and today it’s hanging on the wall in my office. along with this …

summer bucket list //

and on that note ..I’m going to the gym.¬†seriously!

what’s on your summer bucket list?

happy tuesday all.


2 thoughts on “summer bucket list.”

  1. Love your list! I really like how you specified that you want to go camping… in a tent. ha… that’s something I’d LOVE to do this summer! It’s cheap, fun, and makes me appreciate indoor plumbing when I get home that much more!

    1. thank you sarah!! as a kid, camping was always “in a tent”. but things have gotten quite sophisticated in the world of outdoor sleeping. so I had to specify. [J] & I have a plan in the works, and the first thing I said was ..”we have to shower in community restrooms”. why as a kid was I so unphased by this? but regardless, looking forward to some outdoor adventures!! xo!!

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