super bowl bingo c/o

super bowl bingo.

after hearing 10 great reasons to host a super bowl party.. decision made! I’m throwing a super bowl party. I know what my guests are going to drink + eat. but to keep their interest during the football game ..I needed an idea.

this game day bingo is genius. it will keep everyone’s attention. and brings the competition right into your living room. [unless I’m playing with someone over 80, I refuse to lose in bingo]. has 4 bingo cards for you to print + distribute to your guests as they arrive.

super bowl bingo

for the entertainment, just print your game boards + set a dish of candies bingo markers on the tables. [I used fruit vines. the trick is not eating all of them before bingo starts]. add fresh flowers to bring a bit of femininity into the traditionally testosterone-filled holiday.

super bowl bingo c/o

super bowl bingo c/o


happy almost friday thursday everyone.

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