2013: year in review.

2013: year in review // LLinaBC.com

I’d say 2013 was one for the books. [J] & I moved to des moines, IA, and made our apartment a home. we traveled to minneapolis for a weekend with amazing friends. and celebrated mother’s day in one of the sweetest, little towns the amana colonies. my dad, [J], & I banded together to throw my mom an unforgettable 50th birthday. megan of the thread affect + I finally met/went to a blogging event in chicago. I fell in love with des moines, especially the farmer’s market breakfast burritos. attended my family reunion in small town iowa. took the most amazing 16 day cross-country road trip, #LLontheBIGroad. GOT ENGAGED at mount rushmore! celebrated my 26th birthday & [J]’s golden birthday. [J]’s parents threw us an engagement party in chicago. and we can’t forget christmas.

enjoy the last two days of 2013.

[ps: it’s snowing!].


the week in photos.

we have all [basically] made it through the first week of 2013. and guess what? I’m still optimistic about this being A GREAT STINKIN’ YEAR.

I’m ready get back on the job search horse. [because I said eff you for awhile]. I have bigger & better plans for my blog. I’m excited about growing {TwoCoins Etsy Shop}. and [J] & I moving into our own place, so I can decorate, dammit! [danger: this blog will make a hefty shift toward DIY when that happens. I will send out a forewarning. promise!]

in other words: I better not waste any time ..I have a lot to accomplish. so without further ado ..

it’s friday!

also known around these parts as: the week in photos.

almost midnight

this was as good as it could get. happy 2013.
from colorado to illinois. this was as good as it could get. happy 2013.
couldn't have been more exhausted from sitting in a car the entire day. straight to bed - with champagne!
couldn’t have been more exhausted from sitting in a car the entire day. straight to bed – with champagne!

[the above: how [J] & I spent new years eve. realllly exciting].

jersey mikes.
jersey mikes.

[it’s a sub sandwich place. they slice everything right there, to order. and it’s just amazing].

hello mr giraffelook at me Im like chelsea taco salad[J] got a new phone – & hasn’t been reluctant to give me a taste of my own medicine.

I got the sensatioNAIL no-chip starter kit. I think, for a first timer, it turned out pretty dang good!
I got the sensatioNAIL no-chip starter kit. I think, for a first timer, it turned out pretty dang good!
our NEWEST TwoCoins Etsy shop product - launching today!!
our NEWEST TwoCoins Etsy shop product – launching today!!

and last but not least ..


along with some of my favorite bloggers: {the thread affect}, {lacey in the city}, {the brunette one}, {fit fash run}, & {the kissing booth}.

the details are soon to come. but we would love if you would join us. and/or lend us your recommendations. [one of my 2013 goals is to read one book per month. and the amazing megan of {the thread affect} came up with the idea of a blogger book club].

just leave your email in the comments. and any book suggestions. the more the merrier.

happy friday.

have an amazing weekend.


welcome 2013, with open arms.

2012 you’ve been an adventure, to say the least. but I am not hesitant to say goodbye. I have a much better feeling about what’s to come in 2013.

I spent the last day of 2012, in the car. road tripping from colorado back to illinois. the entire day. [we got home NINE MINUTES before the clock struck midnight]. I had a lot of time to ponder what I want out of the new year. and how the heck I’m going to get it.

so, I took a couple hours. a piece of paper. 5 categories. and created a list of goals I will work to achieve throughout the year. [I did something similar last year, but my goals were lofty. and lost sight of them quickly. but I learned my lesson, and have a new approach].

meet my ..

2013 goalsfinancial.

  • create a monthly budget.
  • save all receipts, to track my spending.
  • put 2% of every pay check into a “no touch” savings account.


  • run a 5k. [this is lofty for me. I’m not a runner. tips on how to get started or great 5k’s out there would be oh so appreciated].
  • join a gym.
  • go once a week. [minimum. last year I went straight to 5x’s, and when I failed the first week, I quit. whoops. being a little more realistic in 2013].
  • try 5 new workout classes.
  • take vitamins every day.
  • don’t drink a single sip of soda. [which shouldn’t be too hard. I don’t usually drink soda, but had a couple moments of weakness in 2012].
  • weigh yourself on the first of every month. [this is just so I can track my weight throughout the year].

LLinaBC blog.

  • post 5x per week.
  • sponsor two blogs per month. [who should be my january picks?!]
  • become more involved in the blogging community!
  • attend 1 blogger meetup/event. [I’ve always wanted to, but I’m now ready for my first].


  • go to europe [again]. with [J].
  • visit northern california. [I’ve only been to SoCal, but am dreaming of a trip to napa + san fran].
  • explore four new cities.
  • go spring skiing in colorado. [I haven’t since my early college spring break years, but the weather is so perfect. much more than the 8° temps we had in december].


  • read 1 book per month.
  • [continue] to alternate date month. [starting with me in january].
  • be in our own apartment by april 1st. [we’re hoping this will happen much sooner, but like I said ..my goals are much more achievable this year].
  • do a DIY project once a month. [I sincerely enjoy crafting ..so I’m going to make it a point to do more. which I will share, success or failure].

so there you have it. the list of goals I have created for myself in 2013. to ensure I stay on track the entire year, I have made it impossible for me to go through a single day without seeing them. they’re on my phone, laptop background, hanging on our message [cork] board. I have also created excel docs for the harder ones to track [ie. monthly weigh in, blog sponsorships, & completed books]. I placed those in my master binder. where I keep all things important to me.. health, finance, blog, etc-related.

I am more determined than ever to embrace this turning of a leaf.. & to make it the best year yet!

[I will be posting my 2012 year in review on thursday.. dun, dun, dun. but even better, tomorrow part 1 of my CO vacation.. in the mountains].

happppppppppy 2013 all.

may we all have a happy, healthy year ahead.

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