wedding // just around the corner.

without any notice, wedding planning went from a daunting task to a fun, whirlwind of pretty details. we’ve entered into the phase where I pick my bridesmaids’ jewelry and my soon-to-be husband’s socks. our signature cocktail, and what music will be playing before I walk down the beach aisle to my groom. basically I’m finally loving it. we’re done with the logistics ..and are onto making it “us”.

on july 21st, [J] + I hit a relationship milestone: one year engaged. and yet to take engagement photos. 

but this weekend that will change.

here’s a sneak peek of what [J] made for our engagement session ..ahhhh.

wedding // tee pee love c/o

wedding // tee pee love c/o

I cannot wait to see the magic our photographers [steph + dado] create. and cannot wait to share.

can you guess what is up our sleeve?

happy friday.

have the best weekend. see ya monday!

the adventure begins.

the adventure begins //

I could not be happier to share with all of you ..

I began a new full-time position.

[tomorrow will mark the completion of two full weeks].

the road to get here was so long, with many lulls. but it truly makes it that much more exciting + worth it. it’s hard not to get down on yourself when your job search yields numerous “we’re sorry, we have decided to go with another candidate. good luck!”. it is easy to second-guess your worth. but don’t. I gave myself the “they don’t know what they’re passing on” pep talk countless times. and now that I’m in a great position, it makes me want to work harder than ever.

now my concern is how am I going to decorate my office?

[if you know of any great etsy shops, I’d love the recommendation. I want inspirational prints + fun items everywhere. I do spend 8 hours a day in that chair].

happy thursday.

friday, we’ll see you soon!

ignorance is bliss.

only 4 days until our {trip} begins.

#LLontheBIGroad //

and our dining room is beginning to resemble the camping section at bass pro shop. 

I’d love to report we’re packed & ready to go ..but that is a far cry from the truth. my “list” is approximately 3 pages long, and grows every time I take a shower or attempt to fall asleep [apparently that’s when my best ideas strike me]. great news: the blog is in wonderful hands while I’m gone. bad news: if I can’t find a snake bite kit, we’re not going.

[just kidding!].

I used to be a fearless child. I’d like her to make a reappearance.

I have about 10000 concerns regarding this trip. including sleeping in a tent, showering in a communal bathroom, running through the campsite to use the restroom in the middle of the night, rain, our tent leaking when it rains, being too hot at night, cooking dinner over a campfire, having to eat PB&J for every meal because I can’t cook over a campfire, bears, rattle snakes, any insects, poison ivy, etc. [just to name a few]. ah, ignorance is bliss.

the first six days we want to prep our own meals at our campsite. and “rough it” as much as possible. no planned trips to the grocery store, or starbucks.

what type of meals do you cook when camping? ideas for snacks? things to pack I’m probably forgetting?

any & all advice is welcome. [and appreciated].

an honest “you can do it” may even help at this point.

happy wednesday!!