working girl.

working girl //

from 9AM to 6PM, I transform into & play the role of business professional. it’s me; just a more polished version. I increase my coffee intake, carefully filter any ‘adult language,’ and contently sit in one chair for 8 hours each day. but consistent with my personality ..I have fun, laugh nearly too much, and know my appearance plays an important role. when I look like a professional, I feel + act like a professional. [and there’s just something about a fresh manicure]. but in all honesty, it directly affects my confidence.

there’s no need to sacrifice fashion. but do it in a way that you feel comfortable.

for me .. I keep my heels low [my feet are happier + I’m not as loud in the hallways]. and if I wear tighter work pants [like these ‘career leggings’], I make sure my bum is covered. there is a time + place to show off my assets, and it’s not in front of my boss, or clients.

but I stay true to me; vibrant + young, with an “I’m here to get things done” edge.

working girl //

working girl //

working girl //

cover your bum :)

working girl //

but with anything, have fun – wear bright colors. accessorize. show your personality.

and then when you get home, change into sweats & pile your hair as high it will go on top of your head. like me right now. and say to your fiancé: “I’m so happy you love me for exactly who I am” and “I work hard for my money”. the end.

outfit details: color-block top // solid career leggings // tassel necklace similar // black booties on sale.

happy wednesday.

it’s date night; wings, beer, & basketball.

don’t let me forget to tell you my story of wednesdays.

the week in photos.

I can not yet grasp that september is practically over. [in 3 days]. things have been busy around here. apparently too busy to look at a calendar. but I like busy. I think it suits me. I’m a better under-pressure-kind-of-gal. I have also been so kind to extend a project list [J]’s way. which has since been almost completely checked off. [I’m excited to show off his latest handy work today].

but first ..

last weekend [J] & I went back to my hometown for a friend’s wedding. I’ve always loved weddings. but they’re so much more emotional + fun now that I’m planning my own.

week in photos // sept 27 //

plus it’s always so great seeing faces you’ve missed.

week in photos // sept 27 //

week in photos // sept 27 //

my subtle reminder. it’s fall.

now [J]’s handy work ..

our yellow + grey bedroom is a work-in-progress. better it’s nothing but a couple pins on pinterest. so I’ve been anxious to turn those ideas into reality.

starting with a big, bold, statement: our headboard.

[J] completely constructed from scratch. which makes it even better, in my book.

week in photos // sept 27 //

he hand covered the buttons I HAD to have.

week in photos // sept 27 //

week in photos // sept 27 //

week in photos // sept 27 //

that’s the motivation I need to complete our room.


on the off chance you’ll be near cedar rapids, IA tomorrow, I’ll be at the ..


come join me!!


hope to see you there!

happy weekend all.