apple cider moscow mules.

some things are seasonal. and some things are just too good to say goodbye to when the seasons change. so you just adapt.

in this case, I’ve adapted my favorite summer cocktail to fit beautifully in my fall lineup.¬†and it just so happens to be national apple cider day. I couldn’t even lie about that, google it.

let me introduce the apple cider moscow mule.

ingredients: vodka, ginger beer, apple cider, lime juice.

the magic: 2 parts vodka, 1/2 part lime juice, 2 parts apple cider, top with ginger beer [approx. 1/2 cup].

apple cider moscow mules c/o

apple cider moscow mules c/o

apple cider moscow mules c/o

apple cider moscow mules c/o

if you’re looking for a way to spice up your thanksgiving dinner, this may be the ticket.

[occasionally holidays need vodka. this is a festive + tasty way to bring it over to your grandma’s dinner, without all the stares + judgement you’d receive by walking in with just a bottle of vodka].


happy tuesday.

peach + apple cosmotini.

ladies & gentlemen – I have a mixologist on my hands. and I couldn’t be happier.

I asked kindly for a cocktail. and [J] delivered his amazing rendition of a cosmopolitan martini. [when I say amazing – I mean I had four. sue me was the night of the presidential election. and I needed a dang cocktail to watch the coverage]. thanks to my asking for ‘said’ cocktail something good has now come out of the election. hahaha. JOKE .too soon? ok.

well, I felt compelled to share.

I present to you the ..

peach + apple cosmotini.

[I wanted to call it the josmo, but [J] vetoed it ..after laughing].

the ingredients:

  • absolut orient apple
  • absolut apeach
  • [your favorite] cranberry juice
  • limes and/or rose’s lime juice

the steps:

[I recommend you SHARE or have TWO ‘tinis for yourself. otherwise cut the recipe in half!]

  • 2oz absolut orient apple
  • 2oz absolut apeach
  • 2oz [your favorite] cranberry juice
  • 2oz rose’s lime juice [or the squeeze of 1 lime]

shake, shake, shake.

add a lime wheel, for garnish. pour.

& enjoy!

happpppy THIRSTY thursday.

have a josmo [aka: a peach + apple cosmotini].