life // april showers.

april showers //


have you ever felt so overwhelmed by the amount of things you needed to accomplish that when you’d sit down your brain would say “isn’t there something you should be doing right now?”.

that’s me.

full-time job + part-time weekend job + blogging + wedding planning + life. oh, and trying to get 8 hours of sleep.

thankfully I have an amazing fiancé, while I was on a coffee date with some local midwest bloggers this weekend, he was working on our wedding invitations, calling necessary vendors, and checking our guest list twice. he’s a saint.

busy is a good thing, don’t get me wrong. it’s just when you get too busy, you don’t have time to stop + smell the roses. to actually enjoy your life.

[*editor’s note: I am still smelling the roses. or at least waiting for may to bring them].

happy tuesday.


hello april.

72+ hours of darkness.

with the amount of rain we’re getting this april ..we’re bound to have many may flowers.

my second coed soccer game is suppose to be tonight. but with all this rain & flooding’s not looking too promising. I want to play! my muscles have finally recovered from saturday’s game. and if it’s cancelled, I have to go to the gym. [please don’t be cancelled].


my mom & I met this afternoon for an impromptu lunch date. that’s the nice thing about being only two hours apart, meeting in the middle is feasible at a moments notice. it was fun.

 a couple blog updates:

  • by monday, there will be a page for {The Thread Affect} & I’s book club on LLinaBC. it’ll feature all of our past reads + reviews. our current book. & upcoming info.
  • speaking of book club, this month’s book is {The Paris Wife}. the review is on the calendar for – thurs, may 2nd.
  • more big, exciting changes on the horizon for the blog. mostly in thanks to my creative director – [J].
  • the first video tutorial has entered the editing process. oh boy!


one more thing.

to do or not to do – faux glasses?


happy thursday all.

may the sunshine be with you.


april showers bring may flowers.

and me wishing for sunshine.

[J] finally came home yesterday, after 8 days away on business. we were going to celebrate his return by breaking in our brand new grill. brat night! but mother nature had other ideas. a thunderstorm cancelled our outdoor grilling plans ..& led to take-out taco pizza. while watching [the gorgeous australian] adam scott win the masters.

the next three days aren’t looking too promising for outdoor activities either. sad. eventually.


today is catch up day; many errands to run. lots of items to check off. and a date night reward for successfully accomplishing all of it.

don’t forget: tomorrow my coffee cake recipe will be on the blog! complete with step by step pictures.

ps – I survived my first coed soccer game on saturday. it felt great to play again. on the other hand, I can barely walk today. ouch.

have a grrreat monday.