in the kitchen // summer beers.

I’m a beer drinker. but not exclusively. I don’t discriminate against alcoholic beverages. unless it’s a dirty martini. that’s [J]’s cocktail of choice. and I tried a sip on our very first date, 6 years ago, and have refused it since. I’d say it’s taste resembles being swept under a wave in the pacific ocean with your mouth wide open. picture that.

when the temperatures increase, so do my fruity beer cravings.

[*editor’s note: I say fruity, because they are all brewed with fruit. but they are not “sweet fruity”. they’re delicious fruity. in my language,  not “too sweet” that you can’t drink more than one. they’re a ‘lounge poolside & drink three’ kind of beers].

summer beer staples.

in the kitchen // summer beers c/o

in the kitchen // summer beers c/o

in the kitchen // summer beers c/o

in the kitchen // summer beers c/o

o’fallon wheach peach wheat beer. // brewed in missouri.

abita strawberry harvest lager. // brewed in louisiana.

wasatch apricot hefeweizen. // brewed in utah.

enjoy the warmer weather & enjoy a fruity beer.

happy tuesday.

dropping the ball.

so at the beginning of each month, I loosely plan out what will appear on the blog. an editorial calendar, if you will. and truthfully, it helps. I always usually know what the next day will bring. but regardless, this is a “lifestyle blog” and sometimes life happens to step in & change the plans around a bit.

take today for example ..

should be posting the review on the August {blogger book club} read, “he’s gone”.

instead I’m showing you reasons why I’m not.

I got off work at 9PM. and I had every intention of going home to finish the last 40 pages of the book & write my review. but .. as much as I hate to place blame on [J] & my dad, I must! [my dad is in town for work]. they said “one beer”.

dropping the ball //

dropping the ball //

how could I resist that face? or the chance to beat both of them in big buck hunter? [which I did].

dropping the ball //

dropping the ball //

dropping the ball //

the bottom line ..I’m a sucker for peer pressure.

so while I’m finishing the book ..

go read megan of {The Thread Affect}’s review.

and come back .. I’ll be posting mine tomorrow!

happy thursday.