life // 9-5 syndrome.

I have been at my job for four months now. and I am so sad to say, I have the dreaded 9-5 syndrome. It’s an epidemic. but the first step to a cure is realization.

life // 9-5 syndrome c/o

what is 9-5 syndrome? it is common among the adult population. and can be detected when your monday through thursday consists of nothing more than work, dinner, sleep. repeat.

on a serious note, I have truly been struggling to find the energy & time to take on the world do anything after I get off work. but that’s not due to a lack of things to do. there is a wedding to plan [just over 3 months away], creating content for LLinaBC, about 99 things around the house. you get the ideait happens so quickly ..I get home from work, [J] & I make dinner, we spend a leisurely moment on the couch, and BAM! it’s 10:00PM. time for bed. I know my entire life would be happier if I got more done in a day than 8 hours at my desk.

do you suffer from 9-5 syndrome? what are your remedies?