out with the old.

amidst being a newlywed, planning a second wedding reception, working full-time, and all of the other adventures daily life brings ..this little corner of the internet is transforming. again. since I began this blog four years ago, it has gone through many looks + stages. soon it will go through another. thanks a lot to the work of my graphic designer/husband.

out with the old c/o LLinaBC.com

you will slowly notice updates in the coming weeks.

the big unveiling will fingers crossed coincide with the start of the new year.

please bare with me. 

any suggestions, content you really like, what you want to see more of, what you’re not crazy about ..I’d love to hear.

happy thursday.

it’s nearly the weekend. thank goodness.

fall back.

my mind is still completely convinced it’s the weekend. that extra hour of sleep we got yesterday was not a gift,  but rather a tease. it’d be really nice to wake up this morning to a sunday late morning, but alas monday is upon us.

the blog and I are beginning to transition into the holidays. which I’m overjoyed about. we’re talking decorating ideas, recipes, and DIY projects. but before all of that fun + excitement, I want to recap my fall bucket list ..

fall bucket list // LLinaBC.com

I have three remaining items, and refuse to forfeit. I’m making it a goal to complete them before november 30th.

and what’s a bucket list if you don’t add an item?

celebrate the end of daylight savings time with a gift.

from me to you!

fallback50 // LLinaBC.com

get ready. the holiday season is a comin’!

happy monday.


wear your heart on your sleeve.

if the sun is shining, go for a walk.
if the temperatures are under 60º, dress warm.

but still go for that walk.

wear your heart on your sleeve // LLinaBC.com

wear your heart on your sleeve // LLinaBC.com

wear your heart on your sleeve // LLinaBC.com

wear your heart on your sleeve // LLinaBC.com

heart sweater / black puffy vest / infinity scarf / tall black boots similar.

wear your heart on your sleeve // LLinaBC.com

thanks photographer [J].

wear your heart on your sleeve // LLinaBC.com

happy tuesday.