bloggers do brunch.

on saturday, I had brunch with some of the most amazing ladies – iowa bloggers, from the {midwest style bloggers}. at {americana}, in downtown des moines.

[if you blog & are in the midwest ..join MSB now].

 bottomless mimosa brunch, count on seeing me. fruit purees to add to said mimosas ..good luck getting rid of me. see ya again soon americana ;)

mimosa + peach raspberry strawberry mango puree.

bloggers do brunch //

ironically enough, I was a bad blogger ..and hardly took any photographs. I was so wrapped up in the mimosas convos!

this is what a blogger brunch looks like:

champagne + social media.

bloggers do brunch //

and there was a giveaway ..

bloggers do brunch //


bloggers do brunch //

can you believe this swag bag?

the amazing sponsors.

{vita coco}. {health warrior}. {favery}. {kendra scott}. {waiting on martha}. {ellie}. {bauble bar}. {BH cosmetics}. {may 28th}. {gigi new york}. {lulu’s}. {jami}. {ps I made this} {energy bits}. {sole society}. {sephora}. {sunglass warehouse}.

bloggers do brunch //

bloggers do brunch //

and my giveaway prize: a thursday friday tote. you’ll be seeing much more of this.

bloggers do brunch //

who is up for brunch this weekend? I promise to take more photos.


I need your help.

obviously now soon a lot of my time will be spent wedding planning. I do not want to turn this into wedding blog. mostly because I refuse to spend that much time planning. but are you interested in seeing the process? weekly? monthly? I’d love to hear your feedback. 


cannot wait to share [J] & I’s time at yellowstone on the blog tomorrow.

happy tuesday.